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Website development and maintenance

In a short period of time, a presence on the World-Wide Web has become compulsory for most organizations, both large and small. Low communication costs, a potentially wide reach and easy updating of contents are important attractions.

Yet, one cannot help noticing that many do not get as much back from their web projects as they should. Common shortcomings are poor "visibility", unclear structure, deficient contents and poor integration with the administrative system and work processes of the organization in the "background".

In order for the organization to obtain the full benefit, knowledge in much more than graphic design and web programming is required. One has to understand the nature of the activities of the organization and its role in society at large - and know business economics, administration and the natural (and computer) sciences in general. The entire process of interaction between the organization and the visitor, which the website is to be part of, must be analyzed so that the right contents and functionality can be identified - before any page layout and programming is embarked on.

We have that broad and deep knowledge and always start each project at the right end. So that we can reach the Finish line in time with the highest quality and the lowest cost.